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Krip-Hop Nation @ University of Washington May 10th & 11th 2013

The ASUW Student Disability Commission and the D Center at the University of Washington presents "Broken Bodies, Brainwash Ph.Ds. PBP: Police Brutality Profiling".

Airing The 411With Shana Williams


Krip-Hop Nation (KHN):  I’ve been dying to get this interview!  We met on MySpace and I heard your music and read your story about your radio career and your disability.  Give us the full picture.

PRESS RELEASE Krip-Hop Nation Mini-Concert/ Honoring Blind Joe, The Joe Capers Legacy Feb 14-17/13

When: February 2013 Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Feb 14-17/2013)
Where/Venues: SF Main Library-The Latino Room, Mental Health Consumers Concerns (Concord), The Living Room Project (West Oakland) & Eastside Arts Alliance (East Oakland)
Feb 14th Mental Health Consumers Concerns (Concord, CA) Time TBA

“WITH EVERY STEP I TAKE” Book by Avotcja Jiltonilro Audio Interview

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Krip-Hop Nation End of the Year Accomplishments 2012

  •  Krip-Hop Nation made collaboration relationships with Emmitt Thrower of Artist Magnet who has teamed up with Krip-Hop Nation to produce a documentary on police brutality against people with disabilities that will be out in 2014.

Journalism Can’t Teach Friendships (Thank you for all the interviews throughout the years.)

Journalism Can’t Teach Friendships (Thank you for all the interviews throughout the years.)

This is not a Q&A
More like conversation
Building relations
Having fun in the creation

No unequal balance of power
Respecting each other
Throw out objectivity out of the water
Intelligent questions brings us closer

You guide me
And vice versa
I listen you speak
And vice versa
Give & take

Going there not pushing u over
Revealing things that's been hush hush
We both feel comfortable there's no rush rush
Exchange numbers when it comes out I'll call u up

Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia Krippling Christmas Carol for Krip-Hop (Twas The Night Before Capitalismas... A Krip-Hop Kripmas Karole Remix)

Twas The Night Before Capitalismas...

Capitalismas Def: Holiday created by capitalists who appropriated multiple pagan and indigenous celebrations and "changed" the birthdate of a revolutionary who cared for gente pobre (Jesus Christ) all in pursuit of consumer-based profits
Twas' the night before capitalistmas

And all thru the house

not a product was stirring

not a PC nor its mouse
The children were nestled

all snug in their beds –

while visions of corporate-fueled gang violence
covert army videos and fetishized

danced in their head
Mama slathered


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