Illin n' Chillin

Song: Painting Voices

(R.E. Spect is from Zimbabwe, Africa)



The revolution shall not be televised

As the liberation of mind

Dear Jane: A Progressive's letter to the DNC


I don't know if there's an easy way to say this .... It's not you, it's me.  We have had some wonderful times together.  We'll always have '08.

Krip-Hop Nation’s Father’s Day Special: 5 Black Disabled Fathers\Musicians (Featuring Keith Jones on audio, Rob Da’ Noize Temple, Lee Williams, King Kaution and CoolV)

Krip-Hop Nation (KHN) We have been friends for a long time but I’m not a father tell me as a Black disabled father what do you face in public.

King Snyder/Bradford Baker Kicking Metal Into Krip-Hop Nation

Krip-Hop Nation (KHN): Wow I've been dying for this interview to blow it way open. I love your music/lyrics and always loved all kinds of music. Tell us your love of music and why Metal?

Those Are Your Hang-Ups ( Mother's Day 2012)

Those Are Your Hang-Ups


Verse 1

Breaking your assumptions

By just living

Black disabled man out in public chilling

Krip-Hop Burning the Ballot at The Capital

Nazi slept with slave masters
Gave birth to Tea party members
Bill Clinton on the saxophone
While Obama tap dancing around racism

Occupy kicking out street folks
Facebook activism poke poke
Bill collectors on hold
Fuck paying off student loans

White House called me
I still have it on my answering machine
Could not deal with my advocacy
So they got the actress from GLEE

Uncle Sam wants me to pay my taxes
Yeah sure after I get my reparations
Youth with disabilities facing deportation
In the home & outside fear of execution

While media paints its own stories

Respect Panthers on Wheels



Roll out the red carpet

Here comes the Queen

Regaining her thrown

Wait! Wait! Wait!

The pack turned on her


Black Panthers going gray

The human & animal Kingdom eating their elders


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