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Families Can’t Wait

Opt Ed – August 1, 2012

Safety for people with developmental disabilities is a critical concern. The most recent legislation, S-618 requiring school bus safety precautions for adult students with developmental disabilities is a small part of the safety conversation.

The continued lack of support for safe community long term systems has created a crisis for poor urban families with developmental disabilities who live in neighborhoods frequented with gun violence.

Dan The Rapperman presents The Disabled Mask (His Hip-Hop Song. Read lyrics & listen)

Lyrics by  Dan The Rapperman aka Danny Spencer.  Read below & listen (For the video go to


Song: Painting Voices

(R.E. Spect is from Zimbabwe, Africa)



The revolution shall not be televised

As the liberation of mind

Dear Jane: A Progressive's letter to the DNC


I don't know if there's an easy way to say this .... It's not you, it's me.  We have had some wonderful times together.  We'll always have '08.

Krip-Hop Nation’s Father’s Day Special: 5 Black Disabled Fathers\Musicians (Featuring Keith Jones on audio, Rob Da’ Noize Temple, Lee Williams, King Kaution and CoolV)

Krip-Hop Nation (KHN) We have been friends for a long time but I’m not a father tell me as a Black disabled father what do you face in public.


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