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You have Drake, Lady GAGA, Rick Ross & the list goes on...
pimping people who use wheelchairs,
you have Deaf Hip-Hop artists fighting among themselves,
you have sighted artists calling themselves blind,
you have developmental disabled Hip-Hop artists taking shots at each other
you have hearing Hip-Hop artists using sign language,
you have people with disabilities using ablest words,
you have disabled men hip-hop artists dissing women, queers and everything/everyone
you have isms running rapid so much that there isn’t one Deaf woman Hip-Hop artist.....

Elders: Could you use some help with grocery shopping?

Shop Around is a convenient, low cost shuttle that makes it easier to go grocery shopping for seniors over 65 and people with disabilities.  The shuttle takes you and others directly to the store in San Francisco where you like to shop.  You'll have about an hour to shop, and the driver will help carry your groceries on and off the shuttle.  Each one-way trip costs $2.00.  There are certain eligibility requirements.  For more information, call 415-351-7052.

Pushed & Punched (A Song)

Pushed & Punched

Verse 1
Smack down on the ground
All around the world
Seoul Korea, Africa, Canada & America
Not a drum, bones snapping POW POW

Pushed & Punched
Pushed & Punched
Pushed & Punched
By who? P.O.L.I.C.E

Verse 2
Dwight pushed out of his wheelchair
Sandy pushed to the sidewalk
Mentally disabled woman punched
What’s going on here?

Pushed & Punched
Pushed & Punched
Pushed & Punched
By who? P.O.L.I.C.E

Got a camera
But they don’t care
Investigating themselves
On video still justice is nowhere

“Get out of my way!”

Leroy Moore's Best 50 Quotes/Statements of 2011 from Leroy

1) When I was young I was looking for the mirror but couldn't find it until I looked within then reflected it outward.

2) We know that Ableism is a form of discrimination or social prejudice against people with disabilities. And we also know that the mainstream music industry and media refuse to deal with their ableism and ablest language. This is one reason Krip-Hop Nation is here among other reasons.

3) A pen becomes powerful in the hand of a community, activist and non-selfish journalist/artist. Rewriting our own story that leads to justice for our people.

Krip-Hop Nation End of the year Accomplishments 2011

In 2011 Krip-Hop Nation was hella busy

• September 2011 Krip-Hop Nation/Leroy Moore attended Decibel Performing Arts Showcases / Creative Case Symposium in Manchester, UK as a cultural critic.
• October 22nd/11 Krip-Hop Nation was at Syracuse University NY, USA Description A Panel on Hip-Hop & Artists with Disabilities plus introducing with Live Performances.
• Feb. 16/11 Krip-Hop Nation presents Black Disabled Artists, Authors, Activists & Friends Celebration/Reading @ SF Main Library

When Black Disabled Scholars/Activists Die



For Black Disabled Scholars & Activists who recently passed away and for us to keep his/her work alive


He/She works in isolation

Ripples becomes waves

Spreading on the earth

For future generations


Michael Buckholtz – Autism, Music & A Lot Moore

Michael Buckholtz – Autism, Music & A Lot Moore

1) Krip-Hop Nation (KHN) - Most people have known that you worked with MC Hammer back in the day. Can you tell us your work back then compare to your music work today?


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