Illin n' Chillin

Long Ago Today

Once upon a time

I was a sin

& 3/5 of a person

Something to hide



Not so long ago

August Autism Celebration & Discrimination (For Neli & Mr. G)

Two young men with autism

Have shaped the month of August

Mothers were/are the key figures

They pulled me in now I’m at awe


Yesterday I celebrated my brother's Birthday

Mr. G, a kid with autism now is a young man

Today I'm fighting for the release of a young man

Calling Black Celebrities (For Neli Latson, please set him free)


It’s all about overcoming or a cure

Seeing it as a tax ride off as they throw

Thousands to a cause that they r not sure

Raising money for only one side of the story


Musicians putting on charities

For big time foundations

Got spent on salaries

Feel good documentaries

All about I not the community


Black celebrities cashing in on opportunities

On Fix Income

Paper trail

Diploma, BA, 1040EZ

Led to SSI that is real

Might be broke at the end of the month

But busy like a bee

Don’t need a time card to punch

Traveled the world

Met my girl

Dollar is not what I need

Got my section eight condo

Dancing with Uncle Sam twisted feet in the Tango

On fix income gives me freedom

Got to do what I got to do

Creative paperwork

Doctor's note & proof of income

This is work

Crossing my t’s & dotting my i’s

Reading what’s between the lines

No, Jerry Lewis didn’t heal me

Proposal For People with Disabilities and Police Brutality A Documentary

This is a documentary about Police Brutality against People with Disabilities Nationwide (Worldwide?). Leroy Moore of Krip-Hop Nation and DJ Quad of 5th Battalion out of California are producing this project in tandem with another project about Police Brutality. Leroy and DJ Quad will be producing a Musical Hip Hop Mixtape with Hip Hop artists with disabilities, many of whom have been victims of Police Brutality.

Kounterclockwise: Wife & Husband Team Mixing On The Mic & Real Life

1) Krip-Hop Nation KHN – Lets go back to NY where you started in Hip-Hop give us your story of that time.


Crazy to Criminalize

WRAP (Western Regional Advocacy Project) has been documenting the increases of mentally ill people in local jails as a result of diminished funding for mental health treatment and housing, escalation of “nuisance crime” enforcement by police and private security, and expansion of mental health courts.


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