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Black disabled baby born shipped into public school's special education with White teachers (Remember 9 times out of 10 Charter schools are not accommodating to students with disabilities). He makes it out and goes to college to be hit with student loans. He finally graduates in debt plus experienced slam doors of employment. After ten years of trying to proof he has a disability which he was born with to Uncle Sam, he finally gets on disability benefits, lives in section eight housing. Can’t survive on $700.00 a month so he works for himself under the table.

TOMORROW- Poor Peoples Decolonization ("Occupation") From Oakland to San Francisco

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Poor Peoples Decolonization (Occupation) From Oakland to San Francisco

Krip Hop Nation-Disability in the Hip-Hop Mix- October 22 Event Syracuse University

A Panel on Hip-Hop & Artists with Disabilities plus introducing upcoming CD Mixtape/Documentary entitled, Police Brutality/Profiling Against People With Disabilities.
There will also be Live Performances

Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY 13244-5040

Brown Broken Bodies


I wrote this poem in 2002 now its 2011 and I still cry out Brown Broken Bodies


Brown Broken Bodies



JAKE Krip-Hopping From Madrid Spain



1) Krip-Hop Nation (KHN) Where are you from & tell us about the Hip-Hop SCENE there.


Long Ago Today

Once upon a time

I was a sin

& 3/5 of a person

Something to hide



Not so long ago

August Autism Celebration & Discrimination (For Neli & Mr. G)

Two young men with autism

Have shaped the month of August

Mothers were/are the key figures

They pulled me in now I’m at awe


Yesterday I celebrated my brother's Birthday

Mr. G, a kid with autism now is a young man

Today I'm fighting for the release of a young man

Calling Black Celebrities (For Neli Latson, please set him free)


It’s all about overcoming or a cure

Seeing it as a tax ride off as they throw

Thousands to a cause that they r not sure

Raising money for only one side of the story


Musicians putting on charities

For big time foundations

Got spent on salaries

Feel good documentaries

All about I not the community


Black celebrities cashing in on opportunities


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