Illin n' Chillin

9 Million Dollars and Still Locked Up!

How does a man become a millionaire after a lawsuit settlement, yet still remain locked away in a nursing home with the state paying his bills and refusing to release him?

The Usage of the R Word by Our Own

Rampant use of the word retarded by Black leaders and entertainers proves the desperate need for a Black disabled movement in this country.

My Brother: A New Image in Hollywood

Bay Area movie theaters refuse to show a film that goes far beyond the common Hollywood stereotypes and accurately portrays the lives of two young African American men living with developmental disabilities.

Dumping the Disabled

All over the world people with disabilities are being dumped on the streets in record numbers.


Leroy Moore releases an album celebrating the music and voices of artists with disabilities all over the world.

Krip Hop is a POOR Press production and Leroy Moore will be featured in the Race, Poverty and Resistance Book Tour

Another Lost Opportunity for the Hip-Hop Industry

The hip-hop industry continues to forget about its growing number of disabled artists, with the most recent example being Foxy Brown.

A Season of Fire

Disabled people continue to experience violence across the nation. The most recent cases involve victims being set on fire.

The Queen Versus the State

Former Black Panther facing homelessness and Injustice

Disabled People Outside

UC Berkeley Police Harass and attack houseless disabled folks


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