Illin n' Chillin

If it wasn't for Her There would be No You

A low-income family in Oakland lose their home, their equity and now even their own Grandmama (Pt 2)

Now is the Time..disabled people ain't got Nothing to Lose

Disabled people of color fight back through organizing and advocating for civil and human rights


The Disabled Ebonics Tour

Happy Birthday to the Revolution

Disability Advocates of Minorities Organization (DAMO) celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday

The Answer is?

City Government and Mainstream Media continues to blame houseless, Disabled San Franciscans for being houseless and disabled

S.F.P.D...Go Back to School

The death of Idriss Stelley and the case for increasing police crisis intervention training...

Breaking the Silence Organizing Campaign (BSOC)

Disability Advocates of Minorities Organization(DAMO) is coming to your neighborhood to educate, celebrate, advocate and recruit disabled and non- disabled people of color for BSOC!!

I Just Want to Know What Happened

Meesha Irazarry, mother of Idriss Stelley, is forced to file civil claim against SFPD for excessive force and negligence


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