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Proposition 36 on the 3 Strikes Law: A Poverty Skolar's Report. PNN Election Issue

October 23, 2012

I will support any proposal that will alleviate the suffering of low-income individuals and People of Color. As an African-American living in a low-income community, the Police are not friends of my community. We are disproportionately effected by the disease of Police Brutality. My mother was one of the most law-abiding and generous people I know, and like many people in our community she had issues with calling the Police.

The Judge







The lady’s hair is

Propped up

By much hairspray


Sometimes she highlights

It but it remains generally

Unchanged season after season

During her court TV program


Her robe is splayed

Over her legally

Riddled body


She is hard nosed,

No nonsense as she

Adjudicates on issues of

From Colonization to Assimilation

I remember the days when my mother would tuck me in at night with a sad look on her face, almost to a point of crying. I never did ask what was wrong because I had an idea, but knew that if I went further I felt I would’ve broken her. To this day I still don’t know what makes her sad. I only know one truth to her that I fear on the daily, the idea of losing her child.

We Demand Justice for Murder Victim Kerry Baxter Junior!

August 22, 2011

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California Prison Hunger Strike

Prisoners in a third of California prisons have been on a hunger strike to protest solitary confinement rules and other inhumane treatment.  The protest began on July 1 when prisoners in the Pelican Bay Secured Housing Unit (SHU) began refusing meals.

The protesting prisoners grew in number to include other institutions, apparently becoming most active in Pelican Bay, Corcoran State Prison, and the California Correctional Institute at Tehachapi.

Hunger Strikers Protest Perpetual Solitary Confinement


New Orleans Police Violence Trial Begins

Did New Orleans media contribute to police violence after Hurricane Katrina?

by Jordan Flaherty


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