PO' Poets

Walking on the Santa Rosa Streets- A Tribute to Hermano Andy Lopez

Andy  Lopez was only 13.  

Walking down the same Santa Rosa street

A toy gun strapped on his belt 

The Po Po saw him & even tho he

was jus a kid-to them he was a thief

he bout' to put

the gun down but he dint' know

police yelling at him tellin' him "This

aint a show!" 


Would You?


Tha' Poor Peoples Plate-Race, Poverty, GMO's & Our Food

(pictured from left: POOR Magazine family marching in Sacramento against Monsanto Queenandi Xsheba, Dee Allen and Tony Robles)


Happy PeoplesMas


Not sure what to feel


So lost in this maze of kolonizer-created traditions

Consumer lies, pain & exploitation

Of the real


For so many years I can hardly stand it

A poem call "A Suicide Bomber"

A Suicide Bomber takes over the streets in the Middle East none knew his identity all they know is he left a note saying this..

Am just a young man who life was taking away,

standing in the middle of crater trying to understand the sadness and hate that brings tears of pain,...just yesterday i praying to my god..given thanks for letting me and my family survive...and now am standing in the middle of crater picking up rocks full of blood knowing nothing can go back...praying to my god to give me the strength to go and fight back..

Beat back the Korporate politrickSTARS- and walk yerself in to the nearest polling place- HARD


Do u get it?


Ain’t for Po’ folks like me…

There I said It!...


For folks behind false borders families living in unsafe quarters –

mamaz and babies living in shelters


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