Pnn-Tv POOR People-led/indigenous people led broadcast media deconstructing the lies told about poor folks By Any Means Necessary!

Standing Up For Marcus Books-The Oldest Black-Owned Bookstore in the Country

Marcus Books- the Oldest Black-Owned Bookstore in the Country Faces closure due to 21st Century Devil-opment (as we call it at POOR Magazine) & Real Estate Snakkking. London Breed proposed a legislation to keep the store and the family that launched the revolution in their proper home. The Legislation was unanimously approved to go before the board. Stay Tuned! - the Fight continues.

Youth SKolaz We-Search Project 2013: Food Access in Deep East Oakland

PNN Youth & Mama SKolaz 2013 We-Search Investigation: Food Access in Deep East Oakland-

Created, Filmed and Investigated at the Revolutionary Youth Arts/Media & Permaculture Camp @ Homefulness -

PNN-TV: Cooking Our Cultures- Youth SKolaz Summer 2013 pt#1

Cooking Our Cultures 2013 is a a multi-generational, multi-cultural project led by youth & elders to decolonize their diets back to the food of their indigenous ancestors so they can help their families and communities move of the corporate poison and GMO's made so readily available to poor and indigenous communities across the US

PNN-TV: We Define Economics- The Spirit of Moana Nui

PNN-TV was honored to re-port and sup-port on this beautiful day of indigenous resistance, scholarship and medicine from our Pacific Island Skolaz -


The Black Riders Liberation Party (BRLP) started in 1996 in a YTS gang prison in Los Angeles when the bloods, crips and other members of street tribes who were incarcerated began to take college courses and forming their spiritual bond of unity. While locked up, those who took part of this revolutionary transition made a vow to work hard towards correcting the destruction that the men have inflicted upon their communities.


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